Ferrett Steinmetz. Sauerkraut Station. (Nebula Awards Showcase 2013)

nebula2013Originally published on line at GigaNotoSaurus, and still online.

Excellent story that looks at three generations (all female) ekeing out a living in a deep space refill station. The three women – grandmother, mother and daughter – struggle to make ends meet (spoiler alert) and it’s a grim, grimy life, not exactly improved by the dead body of the father orbiting around the station (he forgot to secure himself when going EVA).

The third-generation woman is the POV character – Lizzie is in her teens and knows only life in space, and the story starts with her talking to a visiting young man who gives her a taste of the wider universe. The story gets grimmer as war encompasses their station, leading to some cold equations necessitating Lizzie to have to be very, very brave, and very, very along.

A real page-turner.

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