Eugene Mirabelli. The Pastry Chef, the Nanotechnologist, the Aerobics Instructor, and the Plumber. (Asimovs, Oct/Nov 2011)

A story about a Pastry Chef, a Nanotechnologist, an Aerobics Instructor, and a Plumber. And one of the nicer stories I’ve read for quite some time.

The characterisation is superb. The Nanotechnologist is a control-freak out of one relationship. We see him meet up with and charm the pastry chef, and altogether less-organised person. For a moment I worried that something nasty was going to happen to her, but as the story unfolds you realised it’s not that kind of story.

The aerobics instructor and the plumber come into the equation, as does the fifth character, the academic (not sure why he doesn’t get a namecheck in the title!). As the question of why/how the water from the taps is speaking Italian (or not) threatens the main relationship takes hold, you’ll be pleased to hear that true love finds its way. Not once. Not twice. But thrice.

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