Emily C. Skaftun. Diary of a Pod Person. (Asimovs October/November 2014)

asimovs141011An author new to me, and a story I struggled with due to a lack of focus.

It misses an opportunity to into one of a few different directions in depth, opening up a couple of story elements but not going far enough into any. Resurrected as a clone, the first human to have had this done, the story could have focussed just on coming to terms with what might have been lost and what has been gained. Or the role of the chimpanzee(s) in testing out this process could have been an entire story in itself. Or there could have been a whodunnit in terms of the attack that led to the protagonist’s death. Or the relationship, potentially changed, with relatives and daughter.

The story covers all of these, but didn’t quite satisfy with any of them.

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