E.C. Tubb. The Last Day of Summer. (Science Fantasy #12 1955)

Read in Judith Merril’s The Year’s Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy, 1956.

John Melhuey has lived a long and full life. Three lives in fact, as he has had three rejuvenations to keep him young and healthy. However, the one drawback of the rejuve process is that there can be but three, and once the third has run it’s course, there’s a very rapid ageing process.

He’s content with his lot though, and as he begins to feel old age, decides, as many, that he wants to check out whilst the going is good. Fortunately there is an agency to assist with that.

The story follows his last hours as he reflects on his life, and awaits the agency employee, wishing for it to be done before the day is out. As his sips a fine brandy in his apartment that evening, his final thought is that said employee has been a gentleman and provided his services in a very thoughtful, discreet manner….

A nice, gentle story.

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