Dominica Phetteplace. No Vera There. (Clarkesworld Magazine #99 December 2014)

clarkesworld99Quirky little story form Phetteplace – and it’s online here so go read it.

The story follows Vera trying to make sense of who she is, and where (and when?) she is. She has little to go on, except with a suspicion that’s she’s in the past. The story is peppered with multi-choice personality questions, and when we find out that Vera is in fact Vera #201, and what that means, it’s not that much clearer, and not even when Vera 0.0 turns up and finds that Vera #201 is the most true to the core from which we was only partly downloaded.

So if you’re looking for a straightforward narrative, with the protagonist having to overcome a life-threatening obstacle, look elsewhere, but look here if you want something just a little bit different that reads well.

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