Dominica Phetteplace. Atheism and Flight. (Asimovs, January 2016)

asimovs1601Young Bos has lost an arm, which is bummer for this dude, but he has bud Jimeo, and Jimeo’s girlfriend Cleo to help out.

We follow his progress in recovery from his amputation, which turns out to be a bit unusual, as his arm starts to grow back. We don’t find out why, and most of the story is a lead in to a final couple of pages, when Bos is able to make a leap across a canyon – without the help of the pseudo-spiritual dude who is on TV promoting and tackling this jump.

The final couple of pages of the story are the best bit, with Bos achieving some form of enlightenment through his jump, and his stream of consciousness about what heaven might be like (the reason why Phetteplace wrote the story, we are told in the editorial intro) is engaging and affecting.

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