Derek Kunsken. Schools of Clay. (Asimovs February 2014)

asimovs201402Set in the same/similar world to his ‘The Way of The Needle’ from Asimovs March 2012 (review here) – that world being a metal/mechanical crablike race of creatures, harvesting minerals and other materials from the planet’s surface.

Kunksen related in parallel two elements of the story – alien attack, causing the creatures to take to space to survive, and the preceding industrial unrest.

But this time around I found it jarred a little more – there was too much straight from human experience in terms of the class system, the ‘landlords’ and ‘tax collectors’, the discussions around the proletariat etc. There was a lot of invention in the geology and chemistry of the world in which the story was set, and perhaps not a corresponding amount of invention in the other elements.

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