David L. Clements. In the Long Run. (Conflicts)

Humanity is on the run from an ages-old enemy which is very protective of its status as the only intelligent life in the galaxy. A long, long way from home a small ship hosts the data of the last survivors, trying to find a far distant refuge. However, a small emergency crew is ‘revived’, their digital selves told of a new threat, from within. They have to identify the threat, and deal with it – which they do through an intriguing range of virtual locations, multiple instances of themselves, and a trick to capture the traitor within. Fine, without being great, as it’s stylistically let down from time to time – the use of ‘they’d’ve’ a couple of times jars. The ultimate enemy helpfully explains everything before his bwahahaha moment, but he’s tricked in the end, so end’s up with the usual noooooooooooooo.

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