David Gerrold. The Great Pan American Airship Mystery, or, Why I Murdered Robert Benchley. (Asimovs, July 2015)

asimovs1508Another story in short order from Gerrold, after his excellent ‘Entanglements‘ in Fantasy and Science Fiction.

As with that story, he’s a bit reflective her, but in the guise of an Alternate History, set on a the flagship helium-powered airship Liberty. The Alternate History elements are a means to an end, which is to get a whole bunch of characters together for the protagonist, a crew member, to engage with.

Some of the characters deployed by Benchley I am more than aware of, but Benchley and the ‘Algonquin Round Table’ meant nothing to me, so I may have missed some of the nuances of the story, which revolves around said protagonist, a tyro writer, observing the rich and famous and being unimpressed at their dilettante and inebriated behaviour, and Gerrold reflects on the nature of the muse.

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