Clarkesworld Magazine #82, July 2013

clarkesworld82This month’s fiction :

  • Pockets Full of Stones by Vajra Chandrasekera
  • I Tell Thee All, I Can No More by Sunny Moraine
  • Across the Terminator by David Tallerman
  • The Illustrated Biography of Lord Grimm by Daryl Gregory – first published in Eclipse 2, ed Jonathan Strahan, and picked up in Dozois 26th, whence I noted “An innovative setting, that leads into a darker than expected story. There’s a comic-book quality to the start, with a colossal heroic robot being built, in a world with superheroes. However, rather than being forces for good, the superheroes and the hi-tech battlemechs are used for national and political disputes, and when Lord Grimm is attacked by his enemies, there is some very real suffering as a consequence.”
  • The Dust Assassin by Ian McDonald – first published in YA collection The Starry Rift, ed. Jonathan Strahan, whence I said : “MacDonald’s ‘River of Gods’ novel and the complementary short stories in the ‘Cyberabad’ sequence have been standouts for me in recent years, and here he gives full rein in a story that is a more of a full adult story than a YA story. It features a young woman in one of two families who own major water companies in India, whose family is wiped out by the other in one awful night. However, her future has been mapped out for her, with one of the neuters who feature in these stories, pulling the strings.”

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