Clarkesworld Magazine #117, June 2016

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Stories this issue :

Margaret Ronald. And Then, One Day, the Air was Full of Voices.

Sam J. Miller. Things With Beards.

E. Catherine Tobler. .identity

Zhang Ran. The Snow of Jinyang. Originally published in Chinese in New Science Fiction, January 2014. Translated and published in partnership with Storycom.

Michael Flynn. The Promise of God. First published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 1995. (It appeared in Dozois’ 13th Annual Collection)

Nancy Kress. Pathways. First Published in Twelve Tomorrows (). As story I really enjoyed when I read it (“…Kress does what she does best – creating some believable, flawed characters, and puts them in a believable, flawed setting..”) Best SF review

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