Clarkesworld Magazine #104, May 2015

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New fiction this month :

Matthew Kressel. The Garden Beyond Her Infinite Skies. “An excellent story and piece of world-building, and up for the Best SF Short Story Award 2015”. Best SF Review here.

Andrea M. Pawley. For the Love of Sylvia City. “A near-future eco-thriller, in which a community which has fled to an ocean floor habitat is at risk from further dryland conflagration.” Best SF review here.

A Que. Mrs.Griffin Prepares to Commit Suicide Tonight.

Ian Muneshwar. Ossuary.

Bo-young Kim. An Evolutionary Myth. (OK a reprint from a Korean mag, but new in English)

Reprints this month :

James Van Pelt. Solace. Originally in : Analog June 2009 where I noted that this was the story most in tune with me. Full review here.

Hannu Rajaniemi. Tyche and the Ants. Originally in : Edge of Infinity, where I noted : “A nice blend of SF and fantasy, set on the moon, through the eyes of a young girl being cared for by an AI, with some interesting friends.” Full review here.

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