Clarkesworld Magazine #103, April 2015

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New stories this month :

Robert Reed. The Empress in Her Glory. – “Reed starts off, as often he does, with a big picture, then focusses in on the individual.” – full Best SF review here

Berrien C. Henderson. Let Baser Things Devise. – “Pierre, the first uplifted chimp to walk on the moon, has much to ponder.” – full Best SF review here

Benjanun Sriduangkaew. The Petals Abide. – I made several attempts to get into this story, but it’s not an easy read, with the language too complex for my liking. By all means have some literary flourishes, and do get the reader thinking, but if the reader is spending too much time having to concentrate on and trying to understand/appreciate the words being used, it gets to feel a little like studying for an English Literature exam! Or as Lois Tilton puts it in her review in Locus Online : “the function of prose should be to tell a story, not obfuscate or upstage it with flashy effects”

Emily Devenport. Postcards from Monster Island – “a nice enough story, engagingly written” – full Best SF review here

Reprints :

Kage Baker. Noble Mold. Originally in Asimovs March 1997.

Indrapramit Das. Weep for Day. Originally in Asimovs August 2012. Best SF review : “Das is a new author to me, and this story is an impressive introduction, in which he posits a world that has one hemisphere permanently turned to face the sun, one turned away”. Full review here.

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