Clarkesworld Magazine #102 March 2015

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New fiction this month :

Naim Kabir. Slowly Builds An Empire. Best SF review : “An interesting story with a couple of dimensions and element to it, that just didn’t quite fit together closely for me for it to work..” Full review here

Ken Liu. Cassandra. Best SF review : “Nicely handled and nicely written”. Full review here.

Catherynne M. Valente. The Long Goodnight of Violet Wild (Part 2)

Mike Buckley. All Original Brightness.

Chen Qiufan. Coming of the Light. First published in Chinese in Offline Magazine, February 2015. Translated by Ken Liu.


Gregory Benford. The Clear Blue Seas of Luna. Originally in Asimovs Oct/Nov 2002. I wrote : “This is another rollercoaster, as we share the disorientation of one of the key scientists who has terraformed the moon. Brought back to ‘reality’, his AI/self is challenged by controlling interest of the moon going to a multinational, and he must fight for what he has created, and what he might lost (and that he has already lost). Top notch.”

Lavie Tidhar. The Book Seller. Originally in Interzone #244 Jan/Feb 2014. I wrote : “Another installment in Tidhar’s excellent ‘Central Station’ story sequence. Truth be told I read it a couple of months ago and enjoyed it, but somehow didn’t review it, and was faced with the option of rereading it in order to provide more than just a sentence, or providing just a sentence. So, the story features Carmel, the strigoi, and Achimwene, a bookseller, as links between characters from previous stories are drawn together.”

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