Clarkesworld Magazine #101 February 2015

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New stories this month :

Kristine Kathryn Rusch. The Last Surviving Gondola Widow.

Gwendolyn Clare. Indelible.

Kelly Robson. The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill.

Rich Larson. Meshed.

Reprints : Greg van Eekhout. The Osteomancer’s Son. Originally in Asimovs April/May 2006, when I noted “Another very strong, readable story – a current day setting, but with magic – but not the cod wizard/Harry Potter magic, but an altogether darker, sleazier sort, in a Stephen Kingy way.” Full review here.

Nicola Griffith. It Takes Two. Originally in Eclipse 3, when I noted “..the sudden impact of obsession and lust and love is well handled, as is the concluding consideration of what attraction is based on.” Full review here.

This issue reviewed by Gardner Dozois on LocusOnline here.

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