Christien Gholson. Angel Fire. (Interzone #258)

Interzone258Gholson’s previous story in Interzone ‘Tribute‘ looked at a very alien environment. Here he provides a contemporary setting with a story with only marginal SFF elements, which Interzone tends to do more than other sources.

His protagonist is a rich SOB, very much aware that his wealth has been created from a range of financial services and the like which have very little real value to society. He’s estranged from three wives and one son, and flying across the USA he reflects on this, drawing in the likes of Icarus and Leonardo da Vinci as he stews a bit in self pity. Once earthbound he seeks something in lonely places and amongst the homeless and deprived, and finds that amongst these people there is a movement to call down ‘angels’.

We don’t find out much, or, indeed, anything about the angels, and in the final sentence he might in fact be meeting his own angel.

As with many stories of this ilk, it’s fine enough, but I’d rather this story was the first third of a story, setting up two final thirds that really kick some ass.

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