Charlie Jane Anders. The Fermi Paradox Is Our Business Model. (, August 2010)

illustration on by Chris Buzelli
Tor have just identified three of their stories from 2010 which are appearing in next year’s Year’s Best Anthologies, so I thought I’d have a read of them.

Anders’ story was published in August 2010, and is of course still online on, and worth a read.

It’s a light piece, providing, as you might expect, a solution to the Fermi Paradox – ironically, a solution pertinent to the current corporate greed blighting our planet. With a nod to Golden Age SF (I was minded of the Asimov short story where Earth is admitted to the register of intelligent life, once we have detonated a nuclear bomb, but have our membership rapidly withdrawn when it is realised we haven’t established a foothold on another planet yet) the story features a couple of cilia-encrusted aliens happening upon a planet with a civilisation that is anything but dead. Chosen by Rich Horton for his 2011 edition.

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