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Asimov’s Science Fiction is the magazine that consistently provides, IMHO, the best short SF available.


Asimovs, January 2016

Stories this issue from Allen M. Steele, Dominica Phetteplace, Ian McHugh, Ted Kosmatka, Nathan Hillstrom, Robert R. Chase, Genevieve Williams

Asimovs December 2015

A strong issue with good stories from vets like Greg Egan and Robert Reed, as well as the newer writers.

Asimovs September 2015

Stories from Brenda Cooper, Sean Monaghan, Jim Grimsley, Jason Sanford, Sam J. Miller, Vylar Kaftan, Peter Wood, with Miller and Sanford the pick of the issue for me.

Asimovs, July 2015.

Several good stories, with Derek Kunsken the pick of the ish for me.

Asimovs April/May 2015

There’s a lot in this double issue, although the more substantial stories don’t quite do it for me.