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Asimov’s Science Fiction is the magazine that consistently provides, IMHO, the best short SF available.


Asimovs. January 2015.

The opening story from Rowe ends just when it’s getting going, and apart from that, only O’Connell provides anything that rises above the distinctly average.

Asimovs March 2015

Stories by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Kathleen Bartholomew and Kage Baker Gregory Norman Bossert, Suzanne Palmer, Kit Reed, Gwendolyn Clare. Reviews to follow.

Asimovs. February 2015.

Stories by Nick Wolven, Michael Bishop, Elizabeth Bear, Eneasz Brodski, Derek Kunsken, Leah Cypess

Asimovs October/November 2014

Not the strongest Asimovs double-issue – Sellar, Bailey, DuBois tickling this reader’s fancy more than the bigger names (Kelly, Rusch, Steele).

Asimovs July 2014

Stories by Reed, Jablokov and McDonald the pick of the bunch for me.

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