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Analog Science Fiction and Fact (to give the magazine its full title) is the place to go if you’re looking for traditional SF adventure, and stories with a focus on science and scientists. I reviewed their stories between 2000 and 2009, but since then have been only reading the odd story, finding most of their stories more ‘scientist fiction’ – written by scientists about scientists, for scientists, with the writing itself relatively unsophisticated. Analog rarely (with just the odd exception) features in the various Year’s Best anthologies, or the Hugo/Nebula Awards.

Analog. September 2014.

Stories by Edward M. Lerner, Mark Niemann-Ross, James C. Glass, Jacob A. Boyd, Lavie Tidhar, Naomi Kritze, Alec Austin & Marissa Lingen

Analog. July/August 2014.

Double issue with 12 stories, and only 3 authors have a middle initial, which is unusual for Analog.

Analog June 2014

Not read by me, but links to TangentOnline and Locus Online reviews.

Analog May 2014

Stories by Dave Creek, Alec Nevala-Lee, Ellis Morning, Sarah Frost, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Aaron Gallagher, and Tom Greene.

Analog. April 2014.

An excellent cover, and some new authors in this issue of Analog. At least one story review to come..

Analog. March 2014.

David Brin on the cover, but only a short-short! D’oh! Still, it’s a nice cover.

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