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Most of my reading of short stories pre-2000 was through the various Year’s Best anthologies. I started reading the big 4 magazines (Analog, Asimovs, F&SF, and Interzone) in 2000. You will find links to these individual magazines through the right-hand Categories menu.

Interzone #255 (Nov/Dec 2014)

Stories by E. Catherine Tobler, Jennifer Dornan-Fish, Tom Greene, Malcolm Devlin, Tim Major, R.M. Graves, Thana Niveau, with Devlin the pick of the ish for me.

Asimovs. February 2015.

Stories by Nick Wolven, Michael Bishop, Elizabeth Bear, Eneasz Brodski, Derek Kunsken, Leah Cypess

Asimovs. January 2015.

Stories from Allen M. Steele, Rudy Rucker and Marc Laidlaw, Christopher Rowe, Caroline M. Yoachim, Jay O’Connell, Peter Wood, Sarah Pinsker. Reviews underway.

Analog. September 2014.

Stories by Edward M. Lerner, Mark Niemann-Ross, James C. Glass, Jacob A. Boyd, Lavie Tidhar, Naomi Kritze, Alec Austin & Marissa Lingen

Analog. July/August 2014.

Double issue with 12 stories, and only 3 authors have a middle initial, which is unusual for Analog.

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