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Most of my reading of short stories pre-2000 was through the various Year’s Best anthologies. I started reading the big 4 magazines (Analog, Asimovs, F&SF, and Interzone) in 2000. You will find links to these individual magazines through the right-hand Categories menu.

Interzone #253 (Jul-Aug 2014)

Cover by Wayne Haag. Stories by James van Pelt, E. Catherine Tobler, Andrew Hook, Neil Williamson, Caren Gussoff, several excellent.

Lightspeed Magazine #51, August 2014

New SF by An Owomoyela and E. Catherine Tobler with SF reprints by Gardner Dozois and David I. Masson, plus non-fiction, and fantasy stories.

Lightspeed Magazine #50, July 2014

New SF stories from Adam-Troy Castro and Carrie Vaughn, reprints from Jo Walton and Howard Waldrop, lots of non-fiction, and fantasy stories.

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