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Individual Stories Reviews

Garth Nix. Beyond the Sea Gates of the Scholar Pirates of Sarskoe. (The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume 3)

There’s a cannibalistic half-leopardess pirate, lots of swashbuckling, cthulhian monsters in the deep, and a sense of it being but one adventure in the life of its protagonists, and clearly a closer link to space opera than you might think, me hearties.

Individual Stories Reviews

Stephen Baxter. Formidable Caress. (Analog, Dec 2009).

Baxter concludes his XeeLee timeline. What strange forces have been at work so that during a couple of days taken as leave from work, I end up reading Baxter’s ‘Starfall’, which has been sitting on my laptop as a PDF for a year, and this story from Analog, which has been sitting on my ‘to be read’ shelf for about six months, in an afternoon sitting?