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Named after Hugo Gernsback, and voted by attendees of each year’s Worldcon. More info at the Hugo Awards site

The New Hugo Winners, Volume III, Connie Willis (ed), Baen Books, 1994

The book contains the winning entry for each category from the 47th Convention in Boston, the 48th Convention in The Hague, and the 49th Convention in Chicago. This book is as yet unread, but I have previously read a number of the stories, albeit some time ago, when I was generally providing very succint story […]

The New Hugo Winners, Isaac Asimov, Baen Books, 1989

US pbk ( IntroductionThis volume followed ‘The Hugo Winners’ (1962), and four further volumes (The Hugo Winners Volume 2/3/4/5). As to why it was called ‘The New Hugo Winners’ rather than Hugo Winners Volume 6 is not absolutely clear, although in his introduction Asimov did point out that should the series become particularly long-lasting, readers […]

The Hugo Winners Volume 5 – 1980-1983, ed Isaac Asimov, 1986

Published at the same time as Vol 4, this volume contains the nine winning stories from three conventions. In due course I will read them all again, but in the meantime I have for those stories previously read and for which I wrote short summaries, said notelets have been cut and pasted. Also listed are […]

The Hugo Winners Volume 3(Part II) – 1973, ed Isaac Asimov

The 1973 Hugos get a whole volume to themselves. The volume contains all four winning stories, and I have cut and pasted summaries of stories which I have previously read. At some point in pico-time I shall read those I have yet so to do, and put summaries/reviews in to fill the blanks. 1973 31st […]

The Hugo Winners Volume 3 (i)1970-1972, ed Isaac Asimov

‘Hugo Winners Volume III’ followed (not unsurprisingly) the first two volumes of collected Hugo award-winners, and appeared in a confusing variety of editions, primarily on account of its large size. The edition in (my sticky, eager) hand is the hardback UK edition published by Dennis Dobson in 1979. As your Earth days are restricted to […]