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Solaris Rising 3. (ed Ian Whates, Solaris 2014)

The anthology took me a while to get through, probably (looking at it in retrospect) that it didn’t have enough really top quality stories in it for me to be eagerly reaching for the volume with eager anticipation for the next story. Some good stories, but nothing really cojonal grabbing.

Asimovs. January 2015.

The opening story from Rowe ends just when it’s getting going, and apart from that, only O’Connell provides anything that rises above the distinctly average.

Interzone #255 (Nov/Dec 2014)

Stories by E. Catherine Tobler, Jennifer Dornan-Fish, Tom Greene, Malcolm Devlin, Tim Major, R.M. Graves, Thana Niveau, with Devlin the pick of the ish for me.

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