Brian Trent. Last of the Sharkspeakers. (Fantasy and Science Fiction, May/June 2016)

fsf160506A story from a new(ish) writer, new to F&SF, and a writer new to me.

The story is set in Trent’s ‘War Hero’ universe, and this is my first introduction to it. The good news with the story is that it’s an intriguing setup from the get-go, with the reader given one perspectives as to what might be happening, but then what is actually happening is revealed. The less good news with the story is that a lot is revealed to the reader throughout (rather than show not tell), and there are just a few rough edges around the characterisation and dialogue (but those can of course be removed with practice).

One slight issue was the way in which, having diverged from the human norm, the protagonists and their biological relatives are able to communicate quite comfortably with each other.

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