Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam. Sleepers. (Interzone #252 May-Jun 2014)

interzone252Meme ahoy!

It’s all very confusing. The last story I reviewed was Jo Walton’s ‘Sleeper’, so I’m going to confuse Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam’s ‘Sleepers’ with that on. And this story about a nebulous undead follows on directly from this issue of Interzone in featuring a story about society being plagued by a nebulous undead, the previous one being Claire Humphrey’s ‘Brief Light‘, in which I commented on that being the second story in recent weeks about the nebulous undead, following on from D.M. Armstrong’s ‘Butterscotch.

So, for the record, this story features a daughter struggling with her father, who is in intensive care, having her lost her mother not long since. Are the nebulous ghostlike apparitions that appear at night harbingers of something?

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