Best SF: 1974. edited by Harry Harrison and Brian Aldiss. 1975

Philip Jose Farmer. After King Kong fell.
Originally in : Omega

The King Kong story as fact rather than fiction.

Sydney J. van Scyoc. When Petals Fall.
Originally in : Two views of wonder.

The very elderly are clinging on to life in the hope of achieving immortality, and the younger generation are demanding their turn.

Robert R. Olsen. Paleontology: an experimental science.
Originally in : Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact

A Tyrannosaurus Rex is recreated from DNA found in fossils (Jurassic Park but tongue in cheek), with disastrous results.

James Tiptree Jr. The Women men Don’t See.
Originally in : Fantasy and Science Fiction

A small plane crashes in a mangrove swamp, leaving the pilot, the protaganist, and two women, to survive. The women achieve a survival beyond that of the two men.

Thomas Baum. Lost and Found.
Originally in : Playboy

Pulitzer-winning dramatist Sidney Wise has a brief encounter with an alternate reality in which his wife and son are the achievers, and not he.

Alfred Bester. The Four-Hour Fugue.
Originally in : Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact

Blaise Skiaki’s nose for scent leads him into potentially fatal trouble.

Kate Wilhelm. The Scream.
Originally in : Orbit 13

Post-holocaust/eco-disaster scenario (Ballardian) in Florida.

Angela Carter. The Executioner’s Beautiful Daughter.
Originally in : Fireworks

Dark Dark Ages.

Kit Reed. Songs of war.
Originally in : Nova 4

The Women’s Liberation Movement takes on a more militaristic attitude leading to armed revolt.

Craig Strete. Time Deer.
Originally in : Red Planet Earth Worlds of If

Native American oldster.

Doris Piserchia. A Typical Day.
Originally in : Galaxy

Ian Watson. Programmed Love Story.
Originally in : Transatlantic Review

Once upon a time in the Year 2000.

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