Best SF: 1968. edited by Harry Harrison and Brian Aldiss. 1969

Robert Sheckley. Budget planet.
Originally in :

Jobbing builder’s version of Genesis.

Bob Shaw. Appointment on Prila.
Originally in :

Candar, a shape-changer, attempts to duplicate one of six exploration modules that are carrying out a recon.

David I. Masson. Lost Ground.
Originally in :

Part of rural England is affected by time distortions, with a husband following his wife into the future.

J.R. Pierce. The Rime of the Ancient SF Author, Or Conventions and Recollections.
Originally in :

Poetry. Oh dear!

John D. MacDonald. The Annex.
Originally in : Playboy

Whilst his body is in intensive care, living out its final hours, Dave is elsewhere, visiting a hotel with an annexe. And more.

Isaac Asimov. Segregationist.
Originally in : Abbottempo

Patients are opting for metal organ transplants rather than organic ones, whilst the Metallos are increasingly opting for organic replacement parts. At which point do mankind and robotkind merge?

K.M. O’Donnell. Final war.
Originally in :

Multi-perspective on the stupidity of war – shades of Catch-22.

Kit Reed. Golden Acres.
Originally in : Mister Da V and other stories.

Hamish and Nelda arrive at the Golden Acres retirement complex and have immediate misgivings.

Mack Reynolds. Criminal in Utopia.
Originally in : Galaxy

Credit-card crime.

Fritz Leiber. One Station of the Way.
Originally in : Galaxy

The spaceship Inseminator is travelling the Universe, taking part in an immaculate conception on a number of planets.

Stephen Goldin. Sweet Dreams Melissa.
Originally in : Galaxy

Computer MLSA 5400 had been programmed to develop a personality, which it has been doing for five years. But the 5-year personae is having nightmares.

Robert Silverberg. To the Dark Star.
Originally in :

A three-person crew are to view the death throes of a giant star. A human, an adapted girl, and a microcephalon. One of the three has to risk their life to achieve close up data collection.

Theodore Sturgeon. Like Young.
Originally in :

The last members of Mankind graciously leave their accumulated wisdom for the race that will follow them.

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