Best SF 12. Judith Merril. Simon & Schuster 1967

Tuli Kupferberg. The Cinemagicians.
Harvey Jacobs. In Seclusion.
Kit Reed. The Food Farm.
Tommaso Landolfi. Gogol’s Wife.
Donald Barthelme. The Balloon.
J.G. Ballard. The Cloud-Sculports of Coral D.
Gilbert Thomas. Luana.
Tuli Kupferberg. W-A-V-E-R.
John Updike. During the Jurassic.
Hilary Bailey. The Fall of Frenchy Steiner.
Bob Shaw. Light of Other Days.
Peter Tate. Beyond the Weeds.
R.A. Lafferty. The Primary Education of the Camiroi.
Sonya Dorman. When I Was Miss Dow.
Thomas M. Disch. A Vacation on Earth.
Brian W. Aldiss. Confluence.
Hortense Calisher. from ‘Journal from Ellipsia’
Charles L. Harness. An Ornament to his Profession.
R.A. Lafferty. Narrow Valley.
William Burroughs. They Do Not Always Remember.
Fritz Leiber. The Winter Flies.
Dick Allen. When I First Read…
J.G. Ballard. You : Coma : Marilyn Monroe.
Henri Michaux. And More Changes Still.
Katherine MacLean. The Other.
Carol Emshwiller. Chicken Icarus.
Gunter Grass. In the Egg.
Samuel R. Delany. The Star-Pits.
Tuli Kupferberg. Personal.

One thought on “Best SF 12. Judith Merril. Simon & Schuster 1967

  1. The book shown here as “The Best of Sci-Fi 12” (Mayflower) was first published in the U.S. as simply “SF 12,” not “Best SF 12”; I have the Delacorte hardcover and the corresponding Dell paperback as well. Merril’s afterword gives some justification/explanation about the reasons for changing the name of the series from the previous form “The __th Annual of the Year’s Best SF” – if not actual portents that this would be the last of them.

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