Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year Sixth Annual Collection. ed. Dozois,1977

Ursula K. Le Guin. The Diary of the Rose.
Originally in : Future Power

Diary notes of a psychoscopist, working in a clinical therapeutic environment. One of her cases fears ECT as she strives to identify the nature of his diagnosed psychiatric problems.

Steven Utley and Howard Waldrop. Custer’s Last Jump.
Originally in : Universe 6

Alternate History, with the Battle of Little Big Horn taking place as much in the sky as on the ground.

John Varley. Air Raid.
Originally in : Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine

Potential victims of an air crash are saved from their fate by far future teams who themselves are facing a bleak future.

Kate Wilhelm. Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Your Crisis.
Originally in : Orbit 18

Takes the vicarious TV game-show viewing habits to a logical conclusion.

Jake Saunders. Back to the Stone Age.
Originally in : Lone Star Universe

The war in the Pacific continues, and Japan, refusing to surrender, is bombed into eventual submission, including bomb runs which include families of killed servicemen.

Joe Haldeman. Armaja Das.
Originally in : Frights

Gypsy curse, which a computer programmes passes on.

Howard Waldrop. Mary Margaret Road-Grader.
Originally in : Orbit 18

Post-holocaust, with native Americans congregating at a Big Tractor Pulls meets.

Michael Bishop. The Samurai and the Rose.
Originally in : Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Set in the domed Atlanta UrNu series – an odd couple (a bonsai expert and a rollerblader) resolve their relationship and personal issues.

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