Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year, Second Annual Collection. ed. del Rey, 1973

Larry Niven. Cloak of Anarchy.
Originally in : Analog, March 1972.

Robert Silverberg. When We Went to See the End of the World.
Originally in : Universe 2

Gordon Eklund. Underbelly.
Originally in : IF, October 1972

Isaac Asimov. The Greatest Asset.
Originally in : Analog, January 1972

Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth. The Meeting.
Originally in : Fantasy and Science Fiction, November 1972

R.A. Lafferty. Eurema’s Dam.
Originally in : New Dimensions II

Robert L. Davis. Teratohippus.
Originally in : IF, December 1972

Donald Noakes. The Long Silence.
Originally in : Analog, March 1972

Vernor Vinge. Long Shot.
Originally in : Analog, August 1972

Mankind’s hopes for survival are indeed a long shot – unmanned spacecraft Ilse has an epic journey to make in order to find a planet which may support human life.

C.N. Gloeckner. Miscount.
Originally in : Analog, November 1972

Phyllis Maclennan. Thus Love Betrays Us.
Originally in : Fantasy & Science Fiction, September 1972

Alex Barthold is stranded temporarily on the fog shrouded planet of Deirdre. He eventually finds intelligent life, and forms a relationship with one of the beings. The relationship turns sour.

Thomas N. Scortia. Woman’s Rib.
Originally in : Galaxy, July 1972

James Tipree Jr. The Man Who Walked Home.
Originally in : Amazing, May 1972

A deceptive story about a time travel experiment which goes badly, badly wrong, with enormous implications for humanity. It spans several centuries of post-holocaust, bookended by John Delgano’s desperate attempt to get home. The contrast of the intense personal struggle of Delgano and that of the survivors of the holocaust gives the story a big impact.

Jack C. Haldeman. Watchdog.
Originally in : Amazing, May 1972

William Rotsler. Patron of the Arts.
Originally in : Universe 2

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