Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year Ninth Annual Collection. ed. Dozois. 1980

George R. R. Martin. Sandkings.
Originally in : Omni August 1979.

Joe Haldeman. Bloodsisters.
Originally in : Playboy, July 1979.

Jack Dann. Camps.
Originally in : Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 1979.

Edward Bryant. giANTS.
Originally in : Analog, August 1979.

Dean Ing. Down and Out on Ellfive Prime.
Originally in : Omni, March 1979.

Gregory Benford. Redeemer.
Originally in : Analog, April 1979.

James P. Girard. In Trophonius’s Cave.
Originally in : Fantasy and Science Fiction, May 1979.

Suzy McKee Charnas. The Ancient Mind at Work.
Originally in : Omni, February 1979.

Michael Bishop. Vernalfest Morning.
Originally in : Chrysalis 3.

George R. R. Martin. The Way of Cross and Dragon.
Originally in : Omni, June 1979.

Hilbert Schenck. The Battle of the Abaco Reefs.
Originally in : Fantasy & Science Fiction, June 1979.

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