Best Science Fiction of the Year 6. ed Terry Carr. 1977

Damon Knight. I See You.
Originally in : Fantasy and Science Fiction, November 1976

Relates the effects of the invention of a box which enables viewing scenes regardless of time or geography.

John Varley. The Phantom of Kansas.
Originally in : Galaxy, February 1976.

Multiply-murdered cloned artiste, who finds out that her would-be murderer has a lot in common with her.

Harlan Ellison. Seeing.
Originally in : Andromeda I, The Ides of Tomorrow

26 Krystabel Parsons, jaded multimillionairess, uses her power and wealth to obtain a pair of very special eyes.

Fritz Leiber. The Death of Princes.
Originally in : Amazing Science Fiction, June 1976

Longevity, seen through one whose life has been linked to Halley’s Comet.

James Tiptree Jr. The Psychologist Who Wouldn’t do Awful Things to Rats.
Originally in : New Dimensions 6

A scientist in question is obviously unsuited to his work, but a revelatory (absinthe-fuelled) cartesian experience (and you don’t many of those in SF), changes his outlook.

Gene Wolfe The Eyeflash Miracles.
Originally in : Future Power.

Little Tib is blind, and fleeing. He is befriended by Mr Parker and Nitty, two hobos down on their luck. Little Tib has some rather unusual powers which he needs to keep his freedom.

Christopher Priest. An Infinite Summer.
Originally in : Andromeda 1

A love story, with passion undimmed over many (time travel) years.

Jack Williamson. The Highest Dive.
Originally in : Science Fiction Monthly, January 1976

The planet Atlas is much, much too large to be a planet. An enormous tornado sucks Max Mayfield high into the air, where one of the secrets is revealed.

George R.R. Martin. Meathouse Man.
Originally in : Orbit 18

A corpsehandler seeks love amongst a bleak existence. Chilling and well done.

Steven Utley and Howard Waldrop. Custer’s Last Jump.
Originally in : Universe 6

Alternate History, with the Battle of Little Big Horn taking place as much in the sky as on the ground.

Isaac Asimov. The Bicentennial Man.
Originally in : Stellar 2.

A robot with an artistic bent seeks the ultimate freedom.

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