Best Science Fiction of the Year 5. ed Terry Carr. 1976

Cordwainer Smith. Down to a Sunless Sea.
Originally in : Fantasy and Science Fiction, 1975.

Some ten years after Smith’s death, a manuscript completed by his wife. Lord Kemal bin Permaiswari, Lord of the Instrumentality, pays a visit to Xanadu.

John Varley. Retrograde Summer.
Originally in : Fantasy and Science Fiction, February 1975.

Clone-siblings meet on Mercury and resolve issues surrounding their relationship.

Gene Wolfe. The Hero as Werwolf.
Originally in : The New Improved Sun, 1975.

Vampyr/werwolf in future urban society.

Algis Budrys. The Silent Eyes of Time.
Originally in : Fantasy and Science Fiction, November 1975.

A corporate response to one of their staff members inventing a time machine.

Harlan Ellison. Croatoan.
Originally in : Fantasy and Science Fiction, May 1975.

Down in the sewers, something stirs…

Gregory Benford. Doing Lennon.
Originally in : Analog, April 1975.

Hoaxer comes out of cryogenic suspension in the far future, pretending to be John Lennon.

Ursula K. Le Guin. The New Atlantis.
Originally in : The New Atlantis and Other Novellas of Science Fiction, 1975.

A dark near-future, with a fascist government, and the emergence of a new continent.

Robert F. Young. Clay Suburb.
Originally in : Amazing Science Fiction, November 1975.

“ ingenious tale of time travel, multiple personalities and murder..” told from several perspectives (but the same person).

Lisa Tuttle, George R.R. Martin. The Storms of Windhaven.
Originally in : Analog, May 1975.

Fantasy – a young woman on Windhaven challenges the society that will stop her continuing to use her wings.

P.J. Plauger. Child of all ages.
Originally in : Analog, March 1975.

Immortality – a ‘child’ that has been so for centuries.

John Varley. In the Bowl.
Originally in : Fantasy and Science Fiction, December 1975.

Setting off to Venus with eyes bought from a second-hand organbank is not a good start.

Richard A. Lupoff. Sail the Tide of Mourning.
Originally in : New Dimensions 5.

Australian aboriginal Dreamtime in the furthest reaches of the galaxy.

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