Best Science Fiction of the Year 11. Terry Carr, Timescape 1982

Poul Anderson. The Saturn Game.

Mildred Downey Broxon. Walk the Ice.

Ted Reynolds. Trial Sample.

John Varley. The Pusher.

Kim Stanley Robinson. Venice Drowned.

Michael Swanwick. Walden Three.

Pat Cadigan. Second Comings – Reasonable Rates.

Damon Knight. Forever.

David R. Palmer. Emergence.

R.A. Lafferty. You Can’t Go Back.

Roger Zelazny. Walpurgisnacht.

Gene Wolfe. The Woman the Unicorn Loved.

Spider Robertson. The Spider’s Teeth.

Edward Bryant. The Thermals of August.

Jack Dann. Going Under.

George Florance-Guthridge. The Quiet.

Gregory Benford. Swarmer, Skimmer.

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