Benjanun Sriduangkaew. Desert Lexicon. (Meeting Infinity, 2015)

meeting infinitySriduangkaew provides a complex, psychological take on a future conflict. Isyavan is an ex-convict, given a choice whilst in prison : serving through mining in the deep, or taking a 90-day tour as an enhanced soldier.

She has chosen the latter, and heavily modified, she is part of a team sent out into a post-nuclear conflict desert, to find and destroy the war machines left behind, who themselves are mutating and feasting on each other. And as if trying to survive the mission (no previous team has gone beyond 60 days) there’s the danger of death from sudden ageing and atrophy.

We get to know Isyavan as the tour progresses, and colleagues fail, with Sriduangkaew’s trademark complex writing (fortunately not too complex, as with the last story of hers I attempted to read.)

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