Benjamin Crowell. Wheat Rust. (Asimovs, September 2010).

An entertaining adventure on a generation starship, so far into the journey that the original inhabitants are the stuff of lore, communities and mini-nations have evolved, and yet, humain frailties and emotions remain. Rui Santos is the ‘hero’ of the story, generally more concerned with satisfying his libido, who finds his life interrupted by a pair of visitors from a more advanced part of the starship landing virtually in his lap whilst by the beach. There’s a threat to all on the ship – rather charmingly, it’s a rust disease afflicting the wheat – and he is persuaded, by a fly containing a partial-AI of one of the visitors, to undergo a dangerous journey to another part of the ship, via the outside.

The only issue being the way the story is suddenly brought to a conclusion – I was expecting a few more pages and was rather disappointed!

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