Asimovs January/February 2017

Now published bi-monthly. Stories this issue :

“The Speed of Belief” by Robert Reed

“Tagging Bruno” by Allen M. Steele – a new ‘Coyote’ story
“Fatherbond” by Tom Purdom
“The Catastrophe of Cities” by Lisa Goldstein – “an excellent, stylishly written contemporary fantasy.” says I.
“The Meiosis of Cells and Exile” by Octavia Cade

Short Stories
“Crimson Birds of Small Miracles” by Sean Monaghan – a story that didn’t quite grab me
“Still Life With Abyss” by Jim Grimsley
“Winter Timeshare” by Ray Nayler
“Pieces of Ourselves” by Robert R. Chase
“Destination” by Jack Skillingstead
“Starphone” by Stephen Baxter
“Blow, Winds, and Crack your Cheeks” by John Alfred Taylor

You can read some reviews on GoodReads here. On a minor note, one review criticised the Steele story as “..could have been an African safari adventure, just a perfunctory gloss of sci-fi” which was one of my beefs with the Coyote series.

Jason McGregor reviews the issue on TangentOnline, who also picks up on the same Steele criticism, and ditto for the Monaghan story, which which I had similar beefage.

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