Asimovs February 2016

asimovsFiction this issue :

Michael Libling. The Grocer’s Wife [Enhanced Transcription].
Bruce McAllister. Bringing Them Back.
Sarah Gallien. In Equity.
Nick Wolven. Passion Summer.
Sean McMullen. Exceptional Forces.
Sandra McDonald. The Monster of 1923.
An Owomoyela. The Charge and the Storm.

Reviewed on TangentOnline by Robert L. Turner III here, with stories variously ‘worth the read’, ‘poignant’, ‘a decent read’, ‘very readable’, ‘intersesting’, ‘occassionally loses the narrative thread’

Reviewed on LocusOnline by Gardner Dozois here, who finds the issue ‘contains a lot of entertaining stories worth the reading, but nothing particularly outstanding’. He puts McMullen forward as the pick of the bunch, finds Owomoyela’s story a ‘chewy read’ at times, but ‘compelling by the end’. Other stories are ‘elegant’ and ‘nicely done’.

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