Antony Mann. Candy Moments. (Interzone #229, Jul-Aug 2010).

A story that doesn’t quite fulfil its potential. A recently bereaved widower has hit the bottle after the car crash in which his wife died (with him behind the wheel).

As his life skids out of control, a chance encounter in a bar with a young woman appears to give him a chance to get back to normality – if he can dry himself out.

The sfnal element is The Hub Station, a huge construct in the city which offers people the chance to relive, then expunge, painful memories. His new girlfriend is strongly opposed to him making us of their services – her sister is one of many addicted to The Hub Station, who is gradually losing all her memory and personality.

Finally succumbing to the lure of ridding himself of the painful memories of his wife’s death, the man finds out more about The Hub Station once he is strapped in the chair.

For me the story misses through its trying to address too many issues at the end – the protagonist’s dilemma and its resolution, who is behind The Hub Station, and what exactly happens once you’re in there – all of which have to be dealt with quite briefly.

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