Annie Bellet. Goodnight Earth. (The End Has Come, 2015)

theendhascomeA teeny bit of a disappointment, as the first two stories in this trio were linked – the first from the perspective of a lunar scientist being one of the first to see the end of the moon (bad for her as she is on the moon) and the second from the perspective of the daughter. Having had two linked stories, ideally the third would have bee a continuation of that storyline, but here Bellet, to good effect, goes some generations hence.

The main conceit, a moon-shattering comet strike is clearly retained, as the remnants of the moon are in the night sky, and chunks of the moon come to Earth to make a fireworks display every night.

There has been a huge impact on society, both societal and tech, as we follow a couple in a small flat-bottomed boat on the Missip river. Towns and cities have disappeared, as have their names (New Orleans now Nawlins, Washington DC now DeeCee). Karron has suspicions about the family they are sneaking up the river, and, true enough, she is proven right, and we find out more about her, and the steps humanity have taken, and the political conflicts. It’s a teaser of a story, with enough in the setting for a novel or two, or at least a series of stories.

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