Andrew Hook. Flytrap. (Interzone #253 July/August 2014)

interzone253Short story with three perspectives, which of course gives each about 1/3rd the space in which to develop a character and to create empathy compared to a single perspective story. And as a result the three characters aren’t really characters as such, just three people through whom the narrative progresses.

One is a young man obsessed with his Venus flytrap and with the stars – he eschews the astrology books his parents have, wishing for personal experiences. (Hang on a sec, shouldn’t that be astronomy books??). A second is a young woman obsessed with the novel ‘The Body Snatchers’ and whether humanity has yet been taken over. And the third a middle aged man detached from everything, including his wife and children (and dog) who yearns for the stars.

And through two little descriptive sequences from each character, the linkages are revealed.

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