Analog. September 2013.

analog1309Stories this month :

Martin L. Shoemaker. Murder on the Aldrin Express.
Alec Nevala-Lee. The Whale God.
Joe Pitkin. Full Fathom Five.
Lavie Tidhar. The Oracle.
Kenneth Schneyer. Life of the Author Plus Seventy.
Liz J. Andersen. Creatures from a Blue Lagoon.

I won’t be reading this issue, but you can read reviews elsewhere :

Colleen Chen on TangentOnline
Lois Tilton on LocusMag Online

Lavie Tidhar would be the author I would pick out of this issue to read, especially as it’s a ‘Central Station’ story, but Tilton notes “The Central Station milieu is a major creation, full of complexities and inventive wonders, and more, it has a beating heart. The problem is the publication in fragments, isolated in a series of different publications, with different sets of readers, making the material much more inaccessible than it needs to be”. And I’d agree with her entirely!

And Chen states that the Anderson story is “like a slapstick science fiction version of a warm-fuzzy veterinarian-in-the-field James Herriot story, and it makes me want to read more interstellar veterinary adventures”. Just so you know where this curmudgeonly reader is coming from, I’d run a country mile from a single interstellar veterinary adventure, and an interstellar parsec from a series!

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