Analog. October 2013

analog201310Fiction this month:

Janet Catherine Johnston. Lune Bleue.
Allen M. Steele. Sixteen Million Leagues from Versailles.
Ron Collins. Following Jules.
Stephen R. Wilk. Putting Down Roots.
Marissa Lingen. Things We Have in This House for No Reason.
William R. Eakin. At the Peephole Palace
Jay Werkheiser. Conscientious Objectors.
Carl Frederick. Fear of Heights in the Tower of Babel.

I wont be reading this issue, but you can find other reviews here :

  • John Sulyok reviews it on TangentOnline.
  • Lois Tilton reviews the issue in Locus Online, criticising one story for “(a)¬†heavy pall of dullness cast by these lumbering (opening) sentences”, and another as being “the author had an idea about XXX and gathered some talking heads to expound it”.
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