Analog, March/April 2017

Stories this issue :

“Nexus” by Michael F. Flynn
“Plaisir D’Amore” by John Alfred Taylor
“Europa’s Survivors” by Marianne J. Dyson
“Host” by Eneasz Brodski
“The Human Way” by Tony Ballantyne
“Eli’s Coming” by Catherine Wells
“Time Heals” by James C. Glass
“Shakesvilles” by Adam-Troy Castro & Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
“The Snatchers” by Edward McDermott
“Unbearable Burden” by Gwendolyn Clare
“Grandmaster” by Jay O’Connell
“Alexander’s Theory of Special Relativity” by Shane Halbach
“Concerning the Devastation Wrought by the Nefarious Gray Comma and Its Ilk: Amen in Tie-Dye Adventure” by Tim McDaniel
“Ecuador Vs. the Bug Eyed Monsters” by Jay Werkheiser

Reviews on GoodReads here.

And reviewed by Colleen Chen on TangentOnline

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