Analog June 2015

AFF615-coverA special, 1000th issue to Analog, and congrats to them.

Stories this month :

Seth Dickinson. Three Bodies at Mitanni.
Jay Werkeiser. Ships in the Night.
Brenta Blevins. Strategies for Optimizing Your Mobile Advertising.
Sean McMullen. The Audience.
C.C. Finlay. The Empathy Vaccine.
Ted Reynolds and William F. Wu. The Kroc War.
Ron Collins. The Odds.
Richard A. Lovett. The Wormhole War.
Gwendolyn Clare. Very Long Conversations.

I don’t read Analog, so for reviews of stories hie ye over to

TangentOnline, ‘the genre’s premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993’ where the issues is reviewed by Colleen Chen, who liked most of what she read, although expresses her struggle with parts of one story which she thought would be better suited to readers who prefer hard SF.

Locus Online, where Lois Tilton reviews it and finds that as far as the stories go ‘most aren’t particularly compelling’.

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