Analog. July/August 2014.

analog140708Stories this month :

Michael F. Flynn. The Journeyman: Against the Green.
Juliette Wade. Mind Locker.
Daniel Hatch. Who Killed Bonnie’s Brain?
Rajnar Vajra. The Triple Sun: A Golden Age Tale.
Bill Johnson. Code Blue Love.
Paula S. Jordan. Voorh
R. Garrett Wilson. Journeyer.
James K. Isaac. Valued Employee.
Timons Esaias. Sadness.
Eric Choi. Crimson Sky.
Andrew Reid. The Half-Toe Bar.
Alvaro Zinos-Amaro. Hot and Cold.

Not read by me.

Reviewed by Martha Burns in TangentOnline here and by Lois Tilton in LocusOnline here.

Just being a bit of a pedant/arsehole here, but the cover says ‘Special Double Issue’ when it should more accurately say ‘One of our Twice Yearly Scheduled Double Issues’.

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