Analog July/August 2015

analog150708Double issue. Contents :

Adam-Troy Castro. Sleeping Dogs.
Liz J. Anderson. The Smell of Blood and Thunder.
Rob Chilson. The Tarn.
Ian Watson. Breakfast in Bed.
Marissa Lingen & Alec Austin. Potential Side Effects May Include.
Arlan Andrews, Sr. In the Mix.
Jacob A. Boyd. Guns Don’t Kill People.
Ian Creasey. Pincushion Pete.
Ron Collins. Tumbling Dice.
Bond Elam. Dreams of Spanish Gold.
Edd Vick and Manny Frishberg. Ashfall.
Bud Sparhawk. Delivery.
Tom Greene. The Narrative of More.
Jay Werkheiser. Cease and Desist.

I dont read Analog, but these sites do :

C.D. Lewis reviews the issue in TangentOnline here

Locusmag’s Lois Tilton reads probably more short SF than is actually healthy for anyone, and her review of this issue highlights Adam-Troy Castro’s lengthy story as the pick of an issue that is otherwise largely full of shorter stories.

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