Analog January/February 2015.

analog1501012Regular double-month issue for Jan/Feb with the following stories :

Richard A. Lovett. Defender of Worms.
J. T. Sharrah. Malnutrition.
Stephen Lombard. Just Browsing.
Henry Lien. The Great Leap of Shin.
Jay Werkheiser. Usher.
Chuck Rothman. Ulenge Prime.
David L. Clements. Long Way Gone.
Arlan Andrews, Sr. Orion Rising.
Priya Chand. The Yoni Sutra.
Jerry Oltion. Why the Titanic Hit the Iceberg.
Judith Tarr. Fool’s Errand.
Andy Dudak. Samsara and Ice.
Sean Vivier. Marduk’s Folly.

Reviewed on Tangent Online by Martha Burns here. She starts her review “Analog begins the New Year with a double issue chock full of missteps and missed opportunities..”. She recommends the stories by Sharrah, Lien and Dudak, but Lombard ‘goes awry in so many ways that it’s hard to know where to begin’.

Reviewed on Locus Online by Lois Tilton here. She also recommends Dudak.

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