Analog. January/February 2014.

AFF Jul-Aug 2013 Cover FinalStories this month :

Richard A. Lovett ‘Music to Me’
Rob Chilson ‘The Tansy Tree’
Grey Rollins ‘Determined Spirits’
Carl Frederick ‘Mousunderstanding’
Thoraiya Dyer ‘Wine, Women and Stars’
Christie Yant ‘This Is as I Wish to be Restored’
Marie DesJardin ‘The Problem with Reproducible Bugs’
Brenta Blevins ‘Just Like Grandma Used to Make’
John Frye III ‘Racing Prejudice’
Michael Turton ‘Technological Plateau’
Karl Bunker ‘This Quiet Dust’

I don’t review Analog on Best SF any more, so if it’s reviews of the stories you’re after :

Louis West reviews the issue in Tangentonline here

Lois Tilton reviews in Locus Online here

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