Analog. January/February 2012.

Double issue.

Robert J. Sawyer. Triggers (Part I of IV)

Catherine Shaffer. An Insterstellar Incident.

Jack McDevitt. Listen Up, Nitwits.

Mark Niemann-Ross. Humanity by Proxy.

Sean McMullen. Ninety Thousand Horses.

Stephen Baxter. Project Herakles.
A sequel to ‘Project Hades’ in Analog July/August 2010 (Best SF Review) which I felt was a Nigel Kneale Quatermass-type story, and which a comment on the review suggested was more likely to have been a rework of a mooted Dr. Who story by Baxter.

Set in the 1960s in England, a political coup led by a newspaper proprietor to oust the government is thwarted at the last minute by Dr. Jones and his assistant, Thelma, against as backdrop of strange military goings-on in the remote moors, and a elderly Chinese scouse fish and chip shop owner whose grandon Baz has a big part to play in the story.

If you like Dr. Who, make a point of getting a hold of this! I got mine from Fictionwise

Rajnar Vajra. Doctor Alien and the Spindles of Infinity.

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